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We Take Pride In Our Work


Every client receives a pre-project assessment plan identifying what you specifically want to see in the end result.


Every assessment entails controllable start and end dates to accommodate our clients' lives and busy schedules.


Our team evaluates the project assessment and identifies necessary materials and labor needed prior to arrival at your site.


We work for our clients and therefore, we are always looking at the client cost-saving measures in every project to meet a mutual end.

As a growing company, we have learned quite a few lessons on this journey that have contributed to our continued success. What sets us apart from our peers and competitors alike, is our transparency. We know what we can and cannot do. We take pride in every service we provide and every project we commit to. We do not over-promise and under-deliver.

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Project Management

Our project management services are geared towards helping you find your way. It’s easy to just “tell” someone what to do. We believe in working with you to define or even redefine your plans, goals, and ultimately your path to success. Let us help you bring your vision to life.


We understand that in order to achieve goals you must have a plan in place. Managing capital is one of the most difficult areas to conquer – at first. We work with you to define a plan that is realistic for you and grounded in your life’s realities.  


  • Odom Investments & Property Management - Financial Management

    Financial Managemt

    Passive Income is income you earn that requires minimal or no effort to maintain. In addition, passive income will help you in building wealth and will protect you in not loosing all of your income in the event you lose your job, or just during hard times.

  • Odom Investments & Property Management Home Ownership

    Home Ownership

    This is the end result derived from specific steps you took along the way. We look at the lender relationship, the pre-approval process, realtor selection, the appraisal and inspection process. We also look at what comes next with factors like insurance coverages and remodeling needs and costs.

  • Odom Investments & Property Management Mortgage Loans and Financing

    Mortgage Loans & Financing

    There are different mortgage loan options available that you can go with. Each one offering their own pros and cons. Even if you have captial on hand, there are options to get the most out of your money with financing. Let us help you in identifying which mortgage or financing option best fits your situation.

Odom Investments & Property Management - Workshops
Odom Investments & Property Management - Maintenance and Repairs


We offer a variety of home repair and remodeling services:

We have a specialty team that performs full kitchen remodels based upon your unique concept or idea. Even if you don't quite know what you are looking for, our team can help you find a design that compliments your aesthetic look and feel.

Just like with our kitchen design team, we can work to bring your bathroom remodel to life with a whole new look and feel.

Sometimes the job doesn't require a whole remodel. Sometimes it's just small repairs or updates to make a space look more modern, inviting, or simply more pleasing. We can handle that as well. 

Our Specialty Areas

“If you are going to do it, you might as well do it right the first time.” 

Odom Investments & Property Management - Remodeling Full Kitchen

Full Kitchen Remodel

Odom Investments & Property Management - Full Bathroom Remodel

Full Bathroom Remodel

Odom Investments & Property Management - Finished Carpentry

Full Basement Remodel

Odom Investments & Property Management - Television Mounting

Home Renovations

Odom Investments & Property Management - Remodeling Post-rental Renovations

Commercial Renovations