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Success is when you are happy with your results, not when someone else is. Are you looking to own a home? Tired of renting or living with your parents (hey, it’s happened to the best of us)? Do you think you are ready for that next step? Maybe you are. Maybe you need to be more informed on the process. Perhaps, maybe you just need someone there to help you decide what comes next…. Our focus is more on where you want to be, than where you are or where you have come from. No one has ever won a race starting at the finish line. Home ownership is much the same. You have to start at the beginning and have the passion and motivation to see it through to the end. You will hear us speak a lot about the Journey, and rightfully so. We believe in the process and we know the process is a journey. We don’t have a magic potion or a quick 1, 2, 3 scheme to get you there overnight. What we do have is tried and tested methods, reliable knowledge, and sound guidance. So, if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get on the road, we are excited to have you on board and look forward to showing you whats possible.

Who We Are. What We Do.

It is a fact that today we live in a world full of opportunity for advancement. That is not to say that there will not be setbacks or seemingly unsurmountable challenges along the way. However, if we measured our successes by our failures, we may reveal the reality that we are more afraid to fail than to at least try. I conquered that fear, and today I am living proof of “what’s possible” when you apply yourself to measurable goals and true to life plans. Today we work with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life to help you find your way and begin your journey. We do not teach you how to do it our way, but in fact, we help you identify your way. I share my story as inspiration, not the road map to success. Your success lays ahead of you on your path – I just want to help you see it. I am Erica Odom, I am excited and ready to begin your journey of working on you. The question is, are you? 

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